second bikini

The second bikini this year☆彡

Today's Clothes★★★
Exile:: Luster_Gacha
Yasyn - Pheasant Feather Earring
CATWA Lollipop V1 [ReadyToUse] Edit to move
Mowie. - "Oda" Choker
[The Forge] Lynx Bra, Elephant_Gacha
[The Forge] Lynx Panties, Elephant_Gacha
~C2X~ Gem Heart Belly Piercing
Belle Epoque { Summertime } FlipFlops 5_Gacha

2.Yokai - Fairy tale cocktails - Aladin (gold)_Gacha

Yokai - Starfall Backdrop  (limited edition)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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