十五夜 -Jugoya-

Seasonal festival to enjoy the moon.

In Japan,
people decorate with silver grasses and offer rice dumplings to the moon.

It is said that silver grass can house a Shinto God, 
and acts as a charm against evil.

Please enjoy the moon tonight:3

Today's Clothes★★★
pr!tty - Mousey - <3 div="" rare="">
TRUTH / Cheri
CATWA Lollipop V1 [ReadyToUse] Edit to move
Kibitz -- Aubrey necklace - White
[sYs] AKIMAS dress (Maitreya body) - white
09[Cubic Cherry]{Lyrae} bra sky
#18 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON / Panties - Maitreya - White
Addams - Good Bunny Boots - Maitreya #047

lKibitz - Adelie bracelet - silver - left
Kibitz - High rings set - Maitreya bento - left - silver
Kibitz - High rings set - Maitreya bento - right - silver


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